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[46] Dhvaja means a pennant, streamer, flag or sign.

[47] Sala Tree means the teak tree.

[48] Why the sutra language uses “give birth” rather than “be born”? This is because all sentient beings go to Amitabha’s  Pureland        will be born in the lotus flower and it is people’s own will that prevails in the transformation.    

[49] Saha World means the Earth.

[50] Drsti-kasaya means corruption of doctrinal views or deterioration of views.

[51] The impurity of affliction means the defiling nature of passions, i.e. the passions and delusions of desire, anger, stupidity, pride        and doubt prevail.

[52] Sattvakasaya means all creatures are stupid, ignorant and unclean.




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