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Thus have I heard, once, Buddha[3] was in congregation with 1,250 Great Bhiksu[4] monks at the Jetavana[5] Park in Sravasti Kingdom. All of them were the Great Arhan[6] and well-known sages. The Venerable Sariputra[7], Mahamaudgalyayana[8], Mahakasyapa[9], Mahakatyayana[10], Mahakausthila[11], Revata[12], Ksudrapanthaka[13], Nanda, Ananda[14], Rahula[15], Gavampati[16], Pinola-bharadvaja[17], Kalodayin[18], Maha-kapphina[19], Vakula[20], Aniruddha and so many great disciples, together with many Bodhisattva-Mahasattva, Manjusri Dharma Prince, Ajita Bodhisattva[21], Gandhahastin Bodhisattva[22], Ever-Progressiveness Bodhisattva, and many great Bodhisattvas as well as Sakra-devanam[23] and numberless Devas all came to the congregation.         

At that time, the Buddha told the Venerable Sariputra: from here westward crossing ten thousand billion Buddha worlds, there is a world called the Utmost Bliss[24]. That world has a Buddha named Amita who is preaching dharma[25] now. Sariputra, why this Buddha’s land is called the Utmost Bliss? It is because all sentient beings in that world do not have a scintilla of pain and suffering but only enjoy immeasurable pure joy and happiness. Therefore, it is called the Utmost Bliss. Also, Sariputra, in the Utmost Bliss World, there are seven layers of balustrade and railing, seven layers of net and seven columns of tree, which are all made of and surrounded by four kinds of treasure. Thus, that world is called the Utmost Bliss.     


Further, Sariputra, the Utmost Bliss Pureland has seven-treasure ponds that are filled with eight-virtue water[26]. The bottoms of those ponds are covered with gold sand. The step and sidewalk of four sides of the ponds are made of gold, silver, glazed glass and crystal. The buildings and towers sitting above the ponds which are also built and adorned with gold, silver, glazed glass, crystal, water jade[27], red pearl, and agate. The lotus flowers in those ponds are as large as wagon wheels with blue color in blue light, yellow color in yellow light, red color in red light, and white color in white light, coupled with marvelous clean fragrance. Sariputra, the Utmost Bliss Pureland has achieved such virtue and solemnity.              


AmitabhaYE2 .

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(Translation from Sanskrit to Chinese in

Yao Chin Dynasty by Tripitaka[1] Master Kumarajiva[2])


(Further translation from Chinese to English by The One Society)