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觀  自  在  菩  薩 ,

Avalokiteśvara[3] Bodhisattva[4];


行  深  般  若  波  羅  密  多 ,

Who has achieved the profound Prajnaparamita[5];


時  照  見  五  蘊  皆  空 ,

Constantly observes that the five Pancaskandha[6] are all unreal; and


度  一  切  苦  厄 .  

Annihilates all pain and suffering[7].


舍 利 子!   色 不 異 空,   空 不 異 色 .  

Sariputra[8]! All forms/images/phenomena are not distinguished from the void, and the void is no different from every single form/image/phenomenon;  


色 即 是 空,   空 即 是 色 .

All forms/images/phenomena are indeed void, and the void connotes all forms/images/phenomena.  


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般  若  波  羅  密  多  心  經


(Also known as Heart Sutra)  


  唐  三  藏  法  師  玄  奘  譯

(Translation from Sanskrit to Chinese in

Tang Dynasty by Tripitaka[2] Master Hsuan Tsang)   


(Further translation from Chinese to English by The One Society)