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Avalokiteœvara[3] Bodhisattva[4];

Who has achieved the profound Prajnaparamita[5];

Constantly observes that the five Pancaskandha[6] are all unreal; and

Annihilates all pain and suffering[7].


Sariputra[8]! All forms/images/phenomena are not distinguished from the void, and the void is no different from every single form/image/phenomenon;

All forms/images/phenomena are indeed void, and the void connotes all forms/images/ phenomena.

The aforesaid understandings are also applicable to feeling/reception, conception/thinking, action, and sense/cognition/conscience.


Sariputra! All Dharma[9] is in the form of void;

There is no birth, death, impurity, chastity, augment or diminution.

Therefore, the void does not have any form/image/phenomenon, feeling/reception, conception/thinking, action, and sense/cognition/conscience.

Neither does the void harbor eye, ear, nose, tongue, physical body, and/or mind;

Nor does it create form/image/phenomenon, sound, smell/fragrance, taste, touch/feeling/sensation, and/or dharma/consciousness/mental function[10];

There is no realm of sight, nor does realm of mind exist.


There is no ignorance/illusion[11], nor can ignorance/illusion extinct;  

Neither does age and/or death exist, nor can age and/or death extinct.



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(Also known as Heart Sutra)


(Translation from Sanskrit to Chinese in

Tang Dynasty by Tripitaka[2] Master Hsuan Tsang)


(Further translation from Chinese to English by The One Society)