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Sariputra, why this Buddha’s world is called the Utmost Bliss? It is because all sentient beings in this world do not have a scintilla of physical and/or mental pain and suffering, but only enjoy immeasurable pure joy and Bliss. Therefore, it is called the Utmost Bliss. Also, Sariputra, in the Utmost Bliss World, the Pure Buddha Land, seven rows and columns of miraculous treasure balustrade and railing, seven rows and columns of treasure Tala tree, and seven rows and columns of treasure net are everywhere. It is surrounded by four kinds of treasure with marvelous adornment showing the virtue achievement and glorious solemnity. Therefore, that Buddha’s world is called the Utmost Bliss.       


Further, Sariputra, the Utmost Bliss Pureland has seven-treasure ponds filled with eight-virtue water. What means eight-virtue water? First, it is crystal clear and clean. Second, it is refreshing and cool. Third, it is tasty and delicious. Fourth, it is light and soft. Fifth, it is smooth and invigorating. Sixth, it is calm and mild. Seventh, it can eliminate hunger, thirst and innumerable sins and adversities when drinking it. Eighth, it can increase and benefit various extraordinary good roots[34] after drinking it. All sentient beings with good fortune always love and enjoy it. The bottom of those ponds is covered with gold sand. The step and sidewalk of four sides of the ponds are adorned by four kinds of treasure. The surrounding of the ponds has wonderful treasure trees lined in rows and columns with fragrant perfume. There are buildings and towers sitting above the ponds which are also built and adorned with gold, silver, glazed glass, crystal, water jade[35], red pearl, and agate. There are various colored lotus flowers in those ponds which are as large as wagon wheel, such as blue color in blue light, yellow color in yellow light, red color in red light, and white color in with light. All colors are radiant in light with marvelous clean fragrance. Sariputra, the Utmost Bliss Pureland has achieved such virtue and solemnity.              


Further, Sariputra, the Buddha’s Pureland has always played with wonderful heavenly music naturally. The rhythm is harmonious and elegant which is delightful and enjoyable. When all sentient beings hear such marvelous music, all evil vexation is eliminated and countless good dharma starts to grow and increase gradually. They will be able to attain Supreme Samyagbodhi[36] speedily. Also, the ground of this Buddha’s land is made of gold which is soft, fragrant and brilliant, and is decorated with innumerable wonderful treasures. Various superior marvelous heaven flowers shower on the land day and night, which are lustrous, fragrant, and clean, and delicate and soft with various colors. When all sentient beings see those flowers, their body and mind feel pleasant and joyful without any affection or desire. The flowers can also increase the incredible phenomenal virtue and merit of sentient beings. All sentient beings use those flowers to worship Amitabha. Every early morning, these sentient beings, within the time of a meal, take heaven flowers and fly to other uncountable worlds to worship all Buddhas. When it is time for the meal, they return to the Pureland for eating and meditation walking. Sariputra, the Utmost Bliss Pureland has achieved such virtue and solemnity.                 



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