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爾  時  佛  告  長  老  舍  利  弗  :  汝  今  知  否  ?  從  是  西  方  ,  去  此  世  界  ,  過  十  萬  億  佛  土  ,  有  佛  世  界  ,  名  曰  極  樂  。  其  中  有  佛  ,  號  阿  彌  陀  ,  名  無  量  壽  ,  及  無  量  光  ,  如  來  、  應  、  正  等  覺  ,  十  號  圓  滿  。  今  現  在  彼  ,  安  隱  住  持  ,  為  諸  有  情  ,  宣  說  甚  深  微  妙  之  法  ,  令  得  殊  勝  利  益  安  樂  。


At that time, the Buddha told the Venerable Sariputra: do you know that, from this world westward for ten thousand billion Buddha worlds, there is a Buddha’s world called the Utmost Bliss[30]. The Buddha in that world is called Amita, and is also known as Immeasurable Life and Infinite Light. He is also called Tathagata[31], Worthy of worship, Omniscience, etc., and has all ten titles that are complete and perfect[32]. He is now settling in and maintaining that world, helping all sentient beings by preaching profound dharma[33] and letting them receive supreme benefit and Bliss.  


舍  利  弗  ,  何  因  緣  故  ,  彼  佛  世  界  名  為  極  樂  ?  由  彼  界  中  ,  諸  有  情  類  ,  無  有  一  切  身  心  憂  苦  ,  唯  有  無  量  清  淨  喜  樂  ,  故  名  極  樂  。  又  舍  利  弗  ,  極  樂  世  界  淨  佛  土  中  ,  處  處  皆  有  七  重  行  列  妙  寶  欄  楯  ,  七  重  行  列  寶  多  羅  樹  ,  及  有  七  重  妙  寶  羅  網  ,  皆  是  四  寶  周  匝  圍  繞  ,  眾  妙  綺  飾  ,  功  德  莊  嚴  ,  是  故  彼  國  名  為  極  樂  。


Sariputra, why this Buddha’s world is called the Utmost Bliss? It is because all sentient beings in this world do not have a scintilla of physical and/or mental pain and suffering, but only enjoy immeasurable pure joy and happiness. Therefore, it is called the Utmost Bliss. Also, Sariputra, in the Utmost Bliss World, the Pure Buddha Land, seven rows and columns of miraculous treasure balustrade and railing, seven rows and columns of treasure Tala tree, and seven rows and columns of treasure net are everywhere. It is surrounded by four kinds of treasure with marvelous adornment showing the virtue achievement and glorious solemnity. Therefore, that Buddha’s world is called the Utmost Bliss.




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