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Further, Sariputra, this Buddha’s world has always played with heavenly music.   The ground is made of gold. The heavenly Mandara flowers shower on the land day and night. All people in the land have always placed various marvelous flowers in the baskets in the early morning and worship ten thousand billion Buddhas in all directions. When it is time for the meal, they return to the Pureland for eating and meditation walking. Sariputra, the Utmost Bliss Pureland has achieved such virtue and solemnity.                 


Furthermore, Sariputra, this world always has various fantastic colorful birds, white crane, peacock, parrot, Sari[28], Kalavinka[29], and Jivajiva[30]. All birds sing harmonious and elegant songs day and night. The songs flow with the five roots[31], the five powers[32], the seven characteristics of bodhi[33], the eight noble paths[34], etc so many dharma. All sentient beings in the Pureland engage in mindfulness of Buddha, mindfulness of Dharma and mindfulness of Sangha after hearing the songs. Sariputra, you should not say that those birds are the products of retribution. Why? This Pureland has no three evil realms[35]. Sariputra, there has not even been heard about the name of evil realms, much less they are really in existence. All those birds are transformed and metamorphosed by Amitabha in order to broadcast all dharma voice. Sariputra, this Pureland has gentle breeze blowing over all treasure trees and treasure nets, which creates marvelous music. It just likes hundred and thousand of heavenly music playing at the same time. Whoever hears the music will naturally come up with the thought of mindfulness of Buddha, mindfulness of Dharma and mindfulness of Sangha. Sariputra, this Pureland has achieved such virtue and solemnity.


Sariputra, why do you think this Buddha is called Amita? Sariputra, this Buddha has infinite light shining on all Buddhas’ worlds in ten directions without any hindrance. Therefore, he is called Amita. Further, Sariputra, this Buddha’s life and his people are countless and endless Asankhya[36]. Therefore, he is named Amita. Sariputra, Amitabha has attained Buddhahood for ten kalpas. Further, Sariputra, Amitabha has countless and endless Sravaka[37] disciples who are all great Arhats[38] and their numbers are not measurable or known by math, and the same as those Bodhisattva disciples. Sariputra, this Buddha’s land has achieved such virtue and solemnity.



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