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Further, Sariputra, in this disordered and contaminated Saha world of endurance of suffering and at the five kasaya periods of chaos and evil time, if there are pure, faithful and virtuous men or women hear about this dharma doctrine, which is the utmost hard to believe in all worlds, become to believe and understand; accept, abide by, demonstrate and expound; and practice and discipline in accordance with the doctrine; you should know that those people are extremely rare, who have planted good seeds in indefinite Buddhas’ worlds in the past. Those people, at the time of their deathbed, shall be reborn in the Utmost Bliss World receiving and enjoying various virtue, merit, and adornments, the pure Buddha Land, and the Mahayana dharma joy. They will get be near to and worship Amitabha day and night; travel around all worlds in ten-directions and worship all Buddhas, learn dharma from and predestined[76] in all Buddhas’ Lands, swiftly and completely earn Sambhara[77] of virtue and wisdom, and attain Anuttara-Samyagbodhi[78] expeditiously.               


When the Buddha completed preach of this Sutra, the Venerable Sariputra, all Great Sravakas, all Bodhisattvas, and all devas, men, Asuras, etc., after hearing the Buddha’s lecture, were happy and satisfied, trusted, accepted, acted and followed as preached, and left after making obeisance to the Buddha.   




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