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Sariputra, why it is called The Praise of Incredible Buddha Land and Its Virtue and Merit and the Sutra Guarded and Cared For by All Buddhas?  This is because this Sutra praises and extols Amitabha, the Utmost Bliss World, the unimaginable Buddha Land and its virtue and merit. All Buddhas in ten-directions, for the convenience, benefit, and comfort of all sentient beings, reside in their own lands, show great miraculous transformations, speak the truth and axiom, and preach all sentient beings to believe and abide by this dharma. Therefore, this Sutra is named The Praise of Incredible Buddha Land and Its Virtue and Merit and The Dharma Doctrine Gathered and Accepted by All Buddhas.          


Sariputra, if virtuous men or women hear about this Sutra and all Buddhas’ names and become to believe and understand it deeply, once they have such belief and understanding, they shall be guarded and cared for by all Buddhas. They shall not regress from the Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi if they practice and discipline as what this Sutra said. You all sentient beings shall believe, accept, and understand my sayings as well as all Buddhas’ preaches; shall zealously progress; shall practice and discipline as I said; and shall have no doubt or anxiety.      


Sariputra, if persons have made vows in the past, take vows at the present, or will pledge in the future, wishing to be born in the Amitabha’s World, all such persons shall be gathered and accepted by all Buddhas. Such practitioners shall never regress from the Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi, and shall definitely be born in the Amitabha’s Utmost Bliss World - the Pure Buddha Land. Therefore, pure, faithful and virtuous men or women should profoundly believe and understand it, make vows to be reborn in it, and shall not act unrestrainedly or dissolutely.             


Sariputra, as I now praise all Buddhas’ extolling Amitabha and its incredible Buddha Land and the virtue and merit, all Buddhas also praise my unimaginable infinite virtue and merit, and say: it is so unusual and rare! Sakyamuni Dharma King, Tathagata[63], Samyagbuddhi[64], Vidya-carana-sampanna[65], Sugata[66], Lokavid[67], Anuttara[68], Purusa-damya-sarathi[69], Sasta Devamanusyanam[70], Buddha, and Lokajyestha[71], who, in this Saha[72] World among the five kasaya periods of chaos and evil world: the impure kalpa, corruption of doctrinal views[73], the impurity of affliction[74], Sattvakasaya[75], and the turbidity of life, was able to attain Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi. For the sake of convenience, benefit, comfort and joy of all sentient beings, he preaches this dharma doctrine which is the utmost hard to believe in all worlds.


Sariputra, you should know that I attained Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi in this disordered and contaminated Saha world of endurance of suffering and the five kasaya periods of chaos and evil time. For the sake of convenience, benefit, comfort, and joy of all sentient beings and all worlds, I preach this most-hard-to-believe dharma doctrine, which is very difficult, rare and unimaginable.