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There is no misery/suffering[12], accumulation/origination[13], extinction/annihilation[14], and/or right path to Enlightenment[15].


There is no wisdom/knowledge[16] or gain/attainment because nothing is attainable.


Bodhisattva, because of abiding by Prajnaparamita, there is no obsession/anxiety/hindrance in the mind.

Because of no obsession/anxiety/hindrance, there is no fear and apprehension, and thus the mind severs from all fantasy/illusion/daydream, and ultimately attains and understands Nirvana[17].


All past, present and future Buddhas abide by Prajnaparamita, and attain Anuttara-samyaksambodhi[18].         


Therefore, Prajnaparamita is the super incantation[19], the most brilliant spell, the supreme mantra, and the unparalleled charm, which can annihilate all misery and suffering, and is the ultimate truth.


Therefore, chanting the Mantra of Prajnaparamita, which is “gati, gati, prajnagati, prajnasam gati, bodhi svaha[20].





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