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If all sentient beings always remember the Buddhas and are mindful of the Buddhas, they will certainly be able to see the Buddhas in this life or the near future, will not be far from the Buddhas, and will open their mind[10] naturally without any other expedient means. Just like perfumers who have fragrant bodies[11], this is so-called Aromatic-Light Alamkaraka[12].      


I had in the causal ground[13] concentrated on the mindfulness of the Buddha and thus attained the patience of immortality[14]. I am currently in this world helping those people, who practice the mindfulness of the Buddha, to return to the Pureland[15]. If Buddha asks me how to attain complete penetration[16], I have no other option but to harness our six roots[17] and concentrate on the pure mind[18] continuously, which will eventually bring us to Samahdi. This is my first and foremost choice of discipline.   


The Great Buddha Head-Top Surangama Sutra, Chapter of Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva’s Enlightenment through the Mindfulness of the Buddha.





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The Great Head-Top Surangama Sutra (English).

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